The Computer Engineering Undergraduate Program is distinctive as it is based on the broad areas of electrical Engineering and Computer Science. These foundations are used in the design and organization of computer system, the design of programs that turn these systems into useful applications, and the use of computers in communication and control systems. The design includes hardware as well as operating systems and software.

A Computer Engineer may be involved in the design of computers and computer systems. Computer system analysis and the design of both hardware and software for applications such as artificial intelligence and expert systems, database systems, wireless networks, computer security and robotics are included in the scope of the comuter engineer’s work.

Scope and Its Prospects This is realy and excelelnt field to have opportunities both in software companies and higher studies.

There are thousands of multinational and national softwae companies offer jobs to computer engineers, Few of these are Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, IBM, Facebook, Oracle, Cisco, Infosys, TCS and Wipro.


  • Computer Programming Lab
  • Programming in C++
  • Data Structures Lab
  • Advance Object Oriented Programming
  • Computer Aided Software Engineering Lab
  • Database Lab
  • System Designs in UML Lab
  • Digital Hardware Design Lab
  • Java Programming Lab
  • Shell Programming Lab
  • Design And Analysis of Algorithms
  • Embedded System Design Lab